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You need lubricants to keep your machines working effectively and efficiently. But you can't just use any old oil off the shelf. When you need specialized engine, cable or gear lubricants, call WCB Lubrication. We have a large selection of technologically advanced multi-grade and food-grade lubricants that will keep your machines working under the most severe conditions.

As a distributor for SWEPCO lubricants, we can help you stock up on quality lubricants so you can keep working without worry. Schedule a delivery in Cheyenne, WY or the surrounding area when you contact us today.

The types of lubricants we offer

Whether you want high-temperature grease or heavy-duty engine oils, WCB Lubrication will make sure you have the specialty lubricant you need. We deliver...

Compressor oils, transmission fluids, engine oils and gear lubricants
Food-grade lubricants including grease, compressor oil, hydraulic oil and bearing oil
Fuel and oil additives for gasoline and diesel passenger cars or heavy-duty trucks
Spray lubricants, cleaners and greases

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