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Turn to an experienced industrial lubricant supplier in Cheyenne, WY. Wyoming, Northern Utah, and Surrounding Areas of Rapid City, SD

You invest a lot in the machines that keep your operation running. Help them work harder and last longer by using high-quality machine lubricants designed with innovative technology. WCB Lubrication is an Independent SWEPCO industrial lubricant supplier in Cheyenne, WY that can deliver all kinds of lubricants directly to you. We also Service all of Wyoming, Northern Utah, and Surrounding Areas of Rapid City, SD.

Our company owner has almost 20 years of industry experience as a Automotive Technician and Truck Service Manager. We understand the importance of proper lubrication and can help you find the best lubricants for your construction equipment, heavy-duty vehicles and specialized machinery. Trust us to deliver your lubricants, grease or oil products to your worksite so you can keep your operation working efficiently.

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We have lubricants for any machine

Whether you need to lubricate engines or conveyor belts, our industrial lubricant supplier has you covered. You can call on us for...

Multi-grade and food-grade lubricants for gears, compressors, chains, cables and hydraulic systems
Engine oils and transmission fluids that can keep your vehicles moving and reduce wear and tear
Industrial spray lubricants, cleaners, fuel additives and specialty greases designed for high temperatures, extreme pressure and other specialized needs

From construction and manufacturing companies to farms, auto shops and water treatment facilities, we have machine lubricants for any application. Call us today for machinery lubrication services in the Cheyenne, WY. Wyoming and Northern Utah